Why a Chatbot?

A Chatbot is the best channel available for reaching millions of people through instant messaging platforms such as Skype, Facebook Messenger and Viber.
The Chatbot can reply to inquiries, provide customer support, sell and recommend products, manage payments and much more.


Behind all Chatbots there is a database that allows the chatbot to learn and become smarter after every session.
Many businesses nowadays have telephone systems that have complicated menus and extended waiting times, leaving users frustrated and annoyed. Text-based communication makes the job of providing service and sales easy, fast and  very efficient.

Personal customization

Each Chatbot is customized individually according to your goals and needs.
The Chatbot and the rich conversational transcripts are built with state of the art tools.

OUR GOAL IS TO MAKE THE CHATBOT a direct communication channel that people prefer

User Benefits

  • No need to install any app
    Manage conversations through familiar chat platforms such as Facebook, Messenger and Skype with Chatbot.
  • Infinite patience and availability  - 24/7
    The Chatbot never sleeps, nor does it get tired or annoyed. It is always there to provide its user with the best possible service.
  • Automatic alerts and notifications
    The Chatbot has automatic alerts and posts notifications on its users Smartphone screen.
  • Personalization
    The Chatbot sits within the chat's platform and has a highly personable and direct manner when it communicates with its user. It remembers its user’s preferences and familiarizes itself with the user's patterns of operations as they develop over time. The Chatbot offers a variety of tools that can be configured by each individual user.
  • Trendy and popular
    Today's younger generation chooses technology over direct communication with sales representatives. For the older generations the Chatbot interface remains friendlier than an app or website. The world of the Chatbot is growing rapidly and its number of users is continuously on the increase.
  • Interactive
    Today's websites are passive and as such the user is required to be more active in search for information. The Chatbot can extract data and answer questions; in short it improves the user experience by conducting actions in real responsive time

Business benefits

  • Smart and innovative marketing
    The ingenuity of our Chatbot is evidence of the innovation and technological expertise of our company.  Once more the Chatbot is a marketing product in its own right. It works most efficiently when used in conjunction with a smart interface. The Chatbot acts as a highly effective marketing tool and can help companies reach their target audience in a more precise and direct way than other existing marketing aids.
  • Customers behavior analysis
    With inbuilt analytical tools, the Chatbot knows how to gather and analyze information related to the users needs. Once more it can identify difficulties and problems encountered by users.
  • Reduce customer support loads
    The Chatbot knows how to answer a wide variety of questions and by doing so can help reduce the workload of customer support staff.
  • Sales increase
    The chatbot knows how to search catalogues and display information about products it sources from these catalogues. It can then also offer related products, which can lead to an increase in sales (Upsale). The chatbot has access to sales and billing information that is on the chat platform without having to switch from one page to another.
  • Improving business processes
    The Chatbot improves the flow of business operations and brings unparalleled speed, efficiency and availability to the world of services and marketing. The Chatbot also knows how to draw on and expand on an existing procedure. Put simply, the Chatbot improves the sales experience.